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Our foals born this year were given names: 
-EILANA filly - ( Ekstern x Emelina )
-EVYA filly - ( Elmaran x Entaga)
-EL DORIA filly - ( L.A. Nadeshnjj x El-Diora)
-PARWAN colt -(L.A. Nadeshnjj  x Pogoria)

In the photo on the left colt Parwan.


Foals 2013

In Easter holidays our mare El-Diora (Gaspar x Epikasja) gave birth to the
very pretty  filly  by  L.A. Nadeshnjj (by Marajj).


Foals 2013

Our mare Entaga (Ganges - Entuza/Eukaliptus ) was born very nice filly by
Elmaran (Al Maraam - Ekstera / Ekstern) .


Foals 2013

We have another foal born at our stud.
This time, was born very elegant filly by Ekstern (MonogrammxErnestyna) out of Emelina by Pesal.


New photos

New pictures of our new colt (clic!)  (L.A. Nadeshnjj x Pogoria)  in the gallery.


Foals 2013

Yestarday we started the foals season 2013 in our stud.
As the first of the season at 2 am to the world came handsome colt by L.A. Nadeshnjj (by Marajj) out of Pogoria (Ekstern x Promocja/Eukaliptus).
We are looking forward to further foalings.

In the photo on the left stallion L.A Nadeshnjj .

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